Frequently asked questions

Signing up

What do I need to sign up?

We will need some personal details to help us verify your identity and some basic information on the company or organisation you are collecting for:

  • Certificate of corporation
  • Passport/ID from Managing Directors and Ultimate Beneficial Owners (if > 25% shares)
  • Financials of the last 2 years (requested yearly)
  • Calculated expected transactions, chargebacks and euro volume for the coming year
  • Last 6 months processing statements, showing payments, chargebacks and refunds
How do I test out the product?

You can sign up for a sandbox account in order to try Finstack products before going live.

You just need to provide us with your name, professional email adress and a valid phone number to signup for a sandbox account.

The sandbox account lets you try Finstack dashboard features and initiate fake transactions.

You have an unlimited access to the sandbox environment, and can switch to production when you are ready.

After signing up online, we recommend trying to take a test payment from yourself. It takes less than 5 minutes and is completely risk-free.

When can I expect to start taking payments?

Once you have transmitted us your details and documents, you can expect to start taking payments within 5 business days if everything is validated by our banking partner.

Can I sign up if I'm not a registered company?

Yes. Finstack is available to charities, registered companies and individuals.

Are there any commitments?

No. There are no commitments.

Signing up just means that you create an account from which you can try the product; you can stop using it without paying us anything whatsoever.