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We're launching finance into the 21st century

At Finstack, we want to make finance easy, actionable, and collaborative, giving finance teams the tools and insights they need to add real value to their organisations.

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How Finstack came to exist

As a former CFO in the fast-paced world of scale-ups, I have personally experienced the challenges and inefficiencies that finance teams face, particularly in the realm of financial consolidation and planning.

Believe me, I understand the frustrations of managing complex financial data, reconciling accounts across subsidiaries, and the stress that accompanies the month-end close.

When I was working at a company with 150 people on its payroll that, overnight, lost over 90% of its revenue due to COVID, it became clear to me how broken the process of reporting & financial planning for SMEs really is.

That there was a pressing need for a better solution – one that would streamline financial processes, reduce manual workload, and alleviate the burdens faced by finance teams.

It was from this realisation that Finstack was born.

At Finstack, our mission is simple yet powerful: to transform the world of finance. We are committed to providing innovative financial technology that enables finance teams to be strategic partners within their organisations.

"Our platform offers automated consolidation, real-time insights, and a user-friendly interface, empowering finance professionals to work more efficiently and effectively."

Our vision? We want to make finance easy, actionable, and collaborative, giving finance teams the tools and insights they need to add real value to their organisations. The goal is to create a world where finance is not just about numbers, but about strategy, insights, and collaboration.

With Finstack's cutting-edge technology, you will have all the tools you need to elevate your finance department to new heights.

I invite you to join us in redefining this financial landscape. Let's work together to create a future where finance teams are empowered to drive change, make informed decisions, and become valued strategic partners in their organisations.

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Finstack founder Karel Gonzalez Hulshof
Karel Gonzalez Hulshof
Founder, Finstack

Our achievements along the way

September 2021

The name "Finstack" is invented and registered. We start building our automated consolidation platform.

January 2022

Minimum viable product is successfully tested with a first batch of test users at forward-thinking finance teams.

June 2022

The first group of actual customers is onboarded. All of these financial professionals are still customers to this day.

March 2023

First funding round closed, provided by CFOs and Operators at leading tech companies. This funding is now being used to improve the product, make more hires and acquire new customers.

Building a future for finance

At Finstack, we're aligned on and committed to a simple set of brand values.


We empower people by providing the technology to build a company's future and reach its financial goals.


We work together as a team to create impact and value while using diversity to (y)our full advantage.


Our foundation is secure and reliable because we match our words with actions and deliver quality in everything we do.


We dream big and push boundaries out of curiosity and ambition. We challenge what's possible, aiming for the best.

Meet the Finstack team

The future of financial consolidation platforms doesn't just build itself. Here are the people making the financial magic happen.

Finstack founder Karel Gonzalez Hulshof
Karel Gonzalez Hulshof
Finstack co-founder Sebastiaan Hoekstra
Sebastiaan Hoekstra
Finstack co-founder Diederik van der Hoek
Diederik van der Hoek

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