About Finstack

Let's pull Finance into the 21st century!

How we started

Finstack was born out of the observation that finance teams are being confronted with a significant manual workload on a daily basis. Whereas other business departments are supported by a vast range of digital tooling for automation and collaboration, financials often find themselves doing repetitive tasks through spreadsheets. Karel, the founder, has a background as a scaleup CFO and Financial Analyst, and therefore experienced this problem first-hand. To be able to develop a solution to this problem, Karel brought in two tech-savvy co-founders, Diederik and Sebastiaan, and together they set out to reshape the way Finance teams operate. This is how the go-to platform for financial professionals is being created. 

Let's pull Finance into the 21st century!

Working at Finstack

As a fast-growing business we are always interested in talent wanting to start with us. Do you want to take on the challenge of simplifying complex processes through technology? Do you want to start as an early employee at a well-funded startup? Join us on our mission to make Finance teams successful! Together we will reimagine how Finance teams operate.

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Interested in joining
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