Whatever your business size, volumes or expectations, we have a plan to match your needs

Volume-based fees

Everything in the standard plan + specific pricing

Different pricing options possible: fixed fee per transaction, %...

>1000 transactions per month

Included in all plans:

- Mandates management and archiving (+ mandates electronic signature in option: 0,99€/mandate);

- Settlement on your bank account or using our SCI;

- Possibility to migrate your existing mandates;

- Transaction processing: Core or B2B schemes;

- Payers pre and post payment email notifications;

- Unlimited retry mechanism (non-automatic);

- Risk services: blacklisting & account verification (option module for high transactions volumes);

Billing Frequently Asked Questions

1% capped at 3€, what does it mean?

We will never take a greater commission than 3€, even if the transaction is greater than 300€.

Is there a minimum commission per transaction?

Yes, the minimum commission fee per transaction we perceive is 0,25€.

When will I see the money on my bank account?

The money is settled to your bank account once every week. We send you the exact amount of money we collect for you.

Finstack fees are collected once per month, by SEPA Direct Debit. You will receive an invoice with a detailed description of your fees and transactions.

What is Finstack's risk policy?

We hold a % of your funds in reserve for 8 weeks in order to cover the chargeback risks. This % is calculated by multiplying your average chargeback rate by 2.

For instance, if you have an average chargeback rate of 2%, your rolling reserve rate will be 4%.

This means that every week, we will make a payout on your bank account of 96% of the transactions you made the previous week, plus 4% of the transactions you made 8 weeks ago, minus the chargebacks occured.

What happens in case of chargeback?

We call chargeback a return by the payer’s bank (e.g. due to objection by the payer), or any payment issues following settlement.

We’ll deduct from your rolling reserve all amounts and costs (every chargeback is charged 5€) incurred as a result of any chargeback, claim or refund initiated by a customer and that Finstack is obliged to make under the relevant Payment Scheme Rules.

Why are there setup fees?

The setup fees exist to cover the KYC costs: for each new account, our banking partner operates a manual revue of your details and documents. 

59€ is a part of what we are charged for each new merchant KYC process.

For further questions regarding Finstack, please visit the FAQ pages

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