Consolidate with accurate numbers, skip manual work

Combining financial data over multiple legal entities is an absolute nightmare. Especially when you then still need to amend this data. With Finstack, you’ll only need a couple of clicks.

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“We found the perfect reporting platform, which is flexible and supports cross-group collaboration.”

Used by Europe’s most forward-thinking financial teams

Automate IC elimination, foreign currency calculations and more

Imagine a world where financial consolidation becomes both easy and fun. Finstack makes all essential amendments to your data (whether that’s IC elimination, reporting adjustments or foreign currency calculations) either during onboarding, or with a few clicks during monthly closing.

Fresh user interface

Most financial consolidation software gives you migraines. Ours makes you smile more often.

Never more than two clicks

Whatever financial report you need, you’ll never be more than two clicks from generating it.

Let’s update financial control

What you're used to

The old way of reporting
Working in spreadsheets
Presenting potential errors
Making ballpark estimates
Endless scouring of email threads
Finance in isolation

With Finstack

The future of financial automation
All data real-time and on one central platform
Present financial data with confidence
Making strategic decisions that matter
Relevant data at your fingertips
Finance as part of the entire organization
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Your future financial consolidation process is here

Here’s how to ensure your financial consolidation process is still relevant next year.

Real-time correct numbers

Work with accurate, real-time numbers, without having to put in manual work.

Extreme time saving

Save hours of time on manual work, simply by staying out of spreadsheets.

A clear log of what happened

Get a clear overview, better control and better understanding of past events.

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It’s the only consolidation reporting platform that doesn't feel like Windows 95.