Cash Flow Management

Master liquidity management for a healthy cash flow

CFOs and controllers need to optimise company cash flows. Especially at scale-ups. With Finstack, you get the exact insights you need to become a master at managing liquidity.

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“We found the perfect reporting platform, which is flexible and supports cross-group collaboration.”

Used by Europe’s most forward-thinking financial teams

Turn a thorough understanding of expenses into decisive action

You need to see which expenses and revenue connects to which supplier, buyer, P&L item or cost centre. On top of that, you need an ageing overview of invoices. Finstack gives you all that and turns it into exports to discuss internally. This process makes cash flow management a breeze.

Create strategic value

Instead of wasting time getting the right numbers, figure out exactly what to do with them.

Report to happy investors

Show your CEO and investors cash flow reports that turn their frowns upside down.

Let’s update financial control

What you're used to

The old way of reporting
Working in spreadsheets
Presenting potential errors
Making ballpark estimates
Endless scouring of email threads
Finance in isolation

With Finstack

The future of financial automation
All data real-time and on one central platform
Present financial data with confidence
Making strategic decisions that matter
Relevant data at your fingertips
Finance as part of the entire organization
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Cash flow management for forward-thinking finance teams

With Finstack, you’re well on your way to taking the stress out of board meetings.

Cash flow optimisation

Efficient management of money movement to enhance financial stability and growth.

Thorough understanding of expenses

Generate the exact reports you need to get a true grasp of your expenses.

Taking the right decisions

Make informed financial decisions and start managing resources effectively.

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It’s the only consolidation reporting platform that doesn't feel like Windows 95.