Release notes Aug 14, 2023

Adjustment entries

At repeated customer request, Finstack now enables you to create adjustment entries (“presentatieboekingen”). This allows you to update your numbers to account for changes that have not been reflected in your accounting software. Create new entries in Finance > Entries > Adjustments. Find created entries in the Transactions tab, prefixed with [Adj] - just like the intercompany entries prefixed with [IC] - and you can edit or delete them there.

Finstack: Adjustment Entries

Auto log-out
Your financial reports will contain business sensitive data. Always make sure to leave your system locked when unattended. Additionally, Finstack will offer the option to automatically log-out after a specific time period. You will be asked to reauthenticate after this time. Find the configuration in Admin > Settings.

ISO27001 certification
Finstack is happy to announce to have officially started the application for ISO27001 (version 2022) certification. This will increase our organisation’s security awareness, reduce human errors and mitigate security threats and cyber attacks. This project will take the remainder of the year and we will keep you updated on the progress. This is an investment we deliberately make to help protect our customers.

As always, don’t hesitate to contact us with suggestions or missing features! Please reach out to sebastiaan [at] finstack.io directly.

What’s next

As mentioned last week, we are working on a revamp of the Forecast page, including the ability to upload from Excel, and the interactions with the KPI page. We are also dedicating development capacity to include reporting improvements requested by customers.

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