Release notes Aug 3, 2023

Charts: multiple series

Finstack now provides the ability to plot multiple series in a single chart. You can combine (stacked) bar and line charts and you can plot derived series additionally, such as YTD, scenarios and y-1/y-2 comparisons. You can adjust the colours of the individual metrics completely to your liking.

Finstack combo chart 1
Finstack combo chart 2

Technical improvements
This sprint we have invested significantly in behind-the-scenes work. Without going into too much detail; we have set up new infrastructure to do more releases (faster) in parallel, we have improved restrictions to our data model to guarantee consistency and we have improved the performance of several pages. Two changes you might encounter as a user are notifications when a new version of the tool is rolled out and when planned maintenance is scheduled.

As always, don’t hesitate to contact us with suggestions or missing features! Please reach out to sebastiaan@finstack.io directly.

What’s next

As promised, Manual adjustments (“presentatieboekingen”) will be released next week. We are working on a revamp of the current Forecast functionality that will include a more intuitive design and the ability to upload scenarios via Excel. Next to that the KPI page will be improved, involving a separate reporting environment and more elaborate ways for building formulas and formatting. We are dedicating a portion of our development capacity the coming weeks to include reporting improvements requested by customers.

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