Release notes Dec 1, 2022

KPIs input

It is now possible to add operational KPIs to your reporting. There is a new page in Setup where you can configure new KPIs and input their values. From there, you can reference them directly (or combined with other variables) by formulas in Structure and use those in your tables and charts in Reporting.

Define operational KPIs and use them in reporting
Configure operational KPIs and use them in reporting.

Configure several dashboards 

You are no longer limited to a single dashboard! Create several dashboards with different focuses for your colleagues or teams. Each dashboard has its own charts and view/edit access control. In our next iteration, we will offer even more granular access control.

Big number and Title/Text elements

A new type of chart can be added to your dashboard that displays a single important value; we call them ‘big numbers’. Show a single variable for a specific period and optionally add a delta to a previous period or a scenario. In addition, you can now add Title or Text elements to your dashboard to further organise your charts and inform your viewers.

From now on you can create multipe dashboards for colleagues and teams
Multiple dashboards and Big number tiles in action.


Finally, we have done significant improvements to the formula creation and the forecast page. Next to that, we have implemented a handful of bug fixes based on your findings. Please keep that coming! As always, feel free to reach out to sebastiaan [at] finstack.co directly.

What’s next

In the next few weeks we will be working on new features that will bring the platform to the next level. First up is the Customer/Supplier overview, that will help you identify the most significant spends and incomes. We are working closely with you on the designs for the interactions on the Cash flow statement and IC elimination, that are lined up next. In addition to that, we are close to releasing the first version of the Signals service that can help you detect irregular patterns in your GLAs.

Finally, a tool created by CFOs for CFOs and finance professionals.

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