Release notes Feb 2, 2023

New look and feel

We have introduced some more vibrant colours to the earlier slightly grey-ish design. Tables now have a white background, and information is displayed more densely. Readability of fonts is improved on displays with lower resolution. A nice new feature is that you can collapse and expand nested rows in tables using the small blue arrow icon on the left hand side. Total rows and indents for subclasses are added for visibility.

New look and feel Finstack UI

Side panel for journal entries in drilldown

While drilling down to transactions, you can now also see the complete journal entry it belongs to. Here you will see both debit and credit sides and have the ability to download underlying attachments, such as an invoice.

Journal entries

Cash Flow Statement [beta]

We have added the final of the three main financial statements: the Cash Flow Statement (CFS). You can find it in Reporting > Tables through the top navigation. Use this report to assess the health of your cash position. The CFS typically has 3 types of cash flow: from operations, from investments and from financing. Beyond these categories, you are free to establish the hierarchy to your liking in Setup > Structure.

Cash Flow Statement

Manual import Administrations
It is now possible to do a static upload of an external administration through an Excel file that holds transactions, for example for manual entries or accounting software we do not yet support. Please reach out for a template file and assistance on this!

Manual import administrations

Relations [beta] 

Use the new Relations report to analyse either your Suppliers or Customer across entities and mappings. Use the filters or search in the top bar to specify what you are looking for. This report can help you assess top spends and incomes.

Relation report

New domain: finstack.io

We have recently acquired the new domain finstack.io. We are transitioning the tool, website and our email addresses to this new domain. finstack.co will still be available for the near future, however please bookmark the new .io domain.


We have learned a lot about the needs of new customers, as well as more extensive requests from existing customers. Feedback and new ideas guide us to the next, better version of Finstack. As always, feel free to reach out to sebastiaan [ at] finstack.io directly.

What’s next

We are going full circle for financial consolidation by preparing the introduction of IC eliminations and manual adjustments, which will bring a lot of value to many of you.

Next to that, we are looking into more granular access rights across your team and will expand the chart builder with new functionalities to build even better dashboards.

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