Release notes Jul 3, 2023

Relations: Aging overview

Finstack now provides an Aging report to keep your payables and receivables in check. On this page you will find a categorization of all unpaid invoices by date range. Use it to identify the effectiveness of your credit and collections functions.

Entries: Transaction overview
You can now navigate all transactions in this new overview, across entities and including IC eliminations. Use the filters and search functionality to narrow down your results. Find details of the transactions in the side panel.

Accounts & Admin page

It is now possible to upload a profile picture in the Accounts page. This image will be shown in the navigation menu, in discussions and to indicate dashboards access. If you have not uploaded an image, we will fall back to your initials. We have moved company wide settings to a separate Admin page in Setup.

UX / UI improvements
The navigation menu on the left hand side now has a dark background and we have reorganised the pages slightly. We have rebuilt the Structure page to improve the interaction of creating and repositioning classes and adding whitespaces. In addition to that, we have given the Sources page (previously Administrations) an update and the way we present error messages.


As always, don’t hesitate to contact us with suggestions or missing features! Please reach out to sebastiaan@finstack.io directly.

What’s next

Next in line is a new iteration of the chart builder, where you can show multiple series in one chart (including YTD). The option to add manual adjustment entries (‘presentation’) will be released right after. In addition to that, Q3 is about to start and our focus will be on our first steps into the realm of forecasting and we are finalising all the preparations for that. Our two new developers are up-and-running and we have hired a UX/UI designer, who will work on new features, our design system and take the existing look and feel to the next step.

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