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No more month-end close stress

Finstack’s automated consolidation platform makes month-end overtime a thing of the past. 100+ scaleup CFOs can prove it. Start a free trial today and take back control.

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“We found the perfect financial reporting software, which is flexible and supports cross-group collaboration.”

Used by Europe’s most forward-thinking financial teams

Become a strategic decision-maker

Winning finance teams are the ones that contribute to strategic conversations. Finstack lets you combine consolidated actuals with your financial planning.

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Reduce your reporting cycle to minutes

Finance teams are now able to present valuable data at a glance. Real-time reporting lets you significantly shorten your reporting cycle. Implemented in hours.

Make finance part of your entire organisation

With true collaboration, your finance team becomes more efficient and stops working in isolation. Break silos in your organisation.

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Let’s update financial control

What you're used to

The old way of reporting
Endless versions of Excel spreadsheets.
High probability of making mistakes.
Making ballpark estimates.
Endless scouring of email threads
Finance in isolation

With Finstack

The future of financial automation
Real-time data in one integrated platform.
Present your data with confidence.
Make strategic decisions based on exact numbers.
Error-free reports by design.
Finance as an integral part of the organization.
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Up and running in hours - not weeks or months

No more learning curves or onboarding processes that take months. You'll be live this afternoon.

Sync your data

Consolidate and aggregate data from any ERP system or sheet.

Organise your data

Customise your reports and map your accounts with a single click.

Report in real-time

Create real-time reports of important stakeholder information within 60 min.

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Start making better reports in real-time

With Finstack’s automated consolidation platform, you’ll be able to help your stakeholders make better decisions.

"Finstack is a great combination of financial analytics and interactive visuals that really speeds up our reporting process.

It is the perfect tool for the stage of our business in that it has functionalities such as costs centres, cashflows and drill-downs, and is still easy to use."

Tamaryn Dos Santos

Finance Manager, OpenUp

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We get it… You prefer seeing the numbers

Here’s what our customers achieved with Finstack, so far.

12 hours

Finance teams using Finstack save a minimum of 12 hours on average on their month-end close every month.


Faster implementation compared to the next best alternative.


Saved costs on your monthly consolidation.

Finally, a tool created by CFOs for CFOs and finance professionals.

Save days’ worth of valuable time. Error-free reports by design. Get insights you never had before.