Consolidate, report, and present with ease

A solid solution that consolidates your financial data, makes adjustments where needed, and reports real-time.

Finstack dashboard

Still doing manual reporting?

Let's enter the new world of reporting.

Without Finstack

Manual reporting

  • Slow and error-prone reporting process
  • Inaccessible and incomplete data
  • No tracking of communication
  • Incomplete intercompany eliminations
  • Static output

With Finstack

Automated reporting

  • Real-time and reliable reports
  • Full financial visibility
  • Centrally logged communication
  • Automatic intercompany eliminations
  • Crisp reports and smooth dashboards

How it works

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Sync your data

Simply log into your accounting tool. Finstack will automatically fetch all of your data which is of course well-protected on our platform. You will only have to log in once, minimising any future hassle. Finstack operates with all accounting tools and even offers the possibility to upload your financial data from a spreadsheet.

Finstack integrations
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Report in real-time

Your data is refreshed frequently, so you will always have the latest updates. The platform enables you to obtain important insights from your data that you won’t be able to get from a spreadsheet. Finstack structures your financial statement the way you or your audience prefere. The platform provides crisp reports and smooth dashboards.

Finstack reporting capabilities
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Engage directly with your team and audience through Finstack. You will be able to comment easily on any datapoint as you go. Within the platform you can keep all your discussions and notes in one central place, making communicating over email for example unnecessary. You will immediately get a notification in your Finstack inbox as soon as your team places a comment.

Finstack collaboration

Let’s enter the new world
of reporting.