Automated consolidation platform

CFOs should give quick answers to all financial questions

Gone are the days of financial data getting lost between Excel, emails and yet another tool. Our automated consolidation platform will give you full financial visibility by tomorrow.

Finstack dashboard

Get real-time financial intelligence today in just 5 simple steps

Alternative solutions take weeks, even months, before thay are implemented completely. And the insanely steep learning curves for those complex software tools lead to a long time before value. Not with Finstack.

1. Synchronise your data

Simply log into your bookkeeping or ERP system, connect its API and Finstack will automatically fetch and consolidate all of your data. It even works with spreadsheet uploads, too.

2. Customise your reports

Next, customise your reports the way you want financial data to be shown. Map your accounts to the required fields and charts with a single click in an interface so simple, anyone could use it.

3. Eliminate and adjust entries

Automatically eliminate your IC transactions and easily pinpoint any reconciliation differences. Adjust entries as you go, so you're 100% guaranteed all data is error-free. Once this is done, you're all set to go.

4. Analyse and compare

Now's the time to start analysing your financial data. No need to spend hours drilling down into irrelevant information. Everything you need will be available at a glance, and can be compared with any forecast scenario.

5. Collaborate and present

What's an analysis worth if it lacks internal agreement? With easily customizable dashboards and reports, your team is always on the same page. Simply invite all relevant stakeholders to view results in Finstack.

Finstack way of working

Uncover insights you must have missed before

Real insight starts with a bird’s eye point of view. Excel sheets can only get you so far. Finstack gives you a level of detail necessary for strategic decision making and understanding the consequences of your actions.

Finstack analysis overview
Finstack reports

Reduce your reporting cycle to mere minutes

Instead of spending all your time doing grunt work to get the right numbers set up, start spending time actually analysing data. Slash the length of reporting cycles and increase the value added to your organisation.

Involve your entire finance team in collaboration

Hold discussions on a level of detail impossible when only using email. Tag stakeholders directly, discuss individual entries and communicate in threads. All on a platform that looks like nothing you've ever seen before.

Finstack discussion on data points

Get all your data into Finstack

Finstack integrates with the most commonly used bookkeeping and ERP systems.

Why finance professionals keep choosing us

We represent the next generation of financial consolidation software. And we have the numbers to back it up.

Less time spent learning how to use the product
Reduction in time spent on implementation
Reduction in the time of your reporting cycle
ROI in your first month based on saved costs
“We found the perfect financial reporting software, which is flexible and supports cross group collaboration. Finstack is easy to use, has shortened the reporting cycle and has reduced costs. Most important, it supports data driven decisions and accountability by business owners.”
Rudolf Maas Geesteranus

Rudolf Maas Geesteranus

CFO, RocketX


Here are some of the questions we get asked most frequently. You might find the answers you were looking for, here.

Can I try Finstack for free?

Yes, you can. The first month is for free. This includes a completely free complimentary onboarding process, too.

Does Finstack integrate with my financial tech stack?

Finstack currently integrates with Exact Online, AFAS, QuickBooks, Xero, and Twinfield. And then there's option to upload your data through a spreadsheet.

What does the onboarding process look like?

You will be provided with a free trial account for the first month. The first thing we do is set up a video call to make sure we onboard you properly. We'll go through all the steps necessary to get you started, together.

How long will it take before I can create my first report?

This is the best part. You'll be done setting up in just a couple of hours. Most of our users have their first presentable financial reports ready by the end of the morning, or the end of the afternoon. Depending when they start, of course.

Will I be able to create customised dashboards / reports?

Yes, you will. Finstack has dashboarding and reporting functionality that can be customised, easily. You get all the freedom to set up dashboards, and then invite all relevant stakeholders to view them.

Finally, a tool created by CFOs for CFOs and finance professionals.

Save days’ worth of valuable time. Error-free reports by design. Get insights you never had before.