Realtime consolidated reporting

All relevant numbers in a single overview that you can customise completely. Drill down to important moments in time for further investigation. Comes with charts that your audience will understand.

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Thorough analysis

Understand your performance by drilling down to individual invoices, and by comparing actuals with your forecast scenarios. Easy to adjust to the settings you require.

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Stakeholder collaboration

Start a discussion on specific data points, so that your stakeholders are aligned. Easily find back discussions that were previously hidden in long email threads. Comes with a task manager to coordinate your recurring financial workflows.

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Our plans

Made for digital companies that want to grow faster


For growing businesses that require professional reporting

Single legal entity

Single currency

Up to five users

(excl. VAT, invoiced yearly)


For businesses that have multiple legal entities

Up to five legal entities

Single currency

Up to ten users

(excl. VAT, invoiced yearly)


For international businesses that also use multiple currencies

Unlimited legal entities

Multi currency

Unlimited users

(excl. VAT, invoiced yearly)

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