Release notes Apr 21, 2023

Intercompany elimination

Apart from consolidation, Finstack can now help you configure intercompany elimination. This often time consuming manual exercise can be set up with ease and Finstack will quickly surface intercompany differences.

To start eliminating you have three options: (1) eliminate a GLA completely, (2) eliminate all transactions within a GLA from relations that you qualify as intercompany or (3) eliminate per transaction. Next, quickly inspect if the eliminations that you set were correct.

After completing your configuration, turn eliminations on-and-off by touch of a button in Reporting. Explore your numbers in the new Entities tab: an overview by company, including the eliminations that you have configured.

New website
As we are now boosting our hiring and commercial efforts, it was time for a new Finstack landing page. Please see it in action on https://www.finstack.io/. Share it among your friends!

Help pages

We have launched the Finstack Help Pages. Here you will find further details on the functionality of the tool and tips and tricks. We will build out these pages in the coming weeks. Find the articles in Notion here.

New role: Stakeholder

While adding new team members to Finstack, you can now assign the new role Stakeholder. This role only has view access to Dashboards and Tables (including comments). Making edits or further drilldown is not allowed. You can use this typically for external stakeholders.

Discussion on booking entries

When drilling down to actual booking entries, it is now possible to start discussions

Drilldown from Analysis tab

In the Reporting > Tables > Analysis tab, you can now drilldown to the underlying data

Avatars per dashboard
On every dashboard, you can now see who exactly has access by icons with their initials

Text tooltips
Use your cursor to hover over long text fields that are cutoff in tables to reveal the full text


As always, don’t hesitate to contact us with suggestions or missing features! Please reach out to sebastiaan [at] finstack.io directly.

What’s next

We are incorporating feedback and new ideas on intercompany elimination as we speak. Designs for three new exciting features are in the final stage. Get ready for: YTD lines in charts, a bank transactions overview and the ability to create manual adjustment entries (presentation). We have hired two new developers, so we will pick up our pace after their onboarding! 🚀

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