Release notes Mar 2, 2023

Xero integration
Finstack is now fully compatible with Xero accounting software. Connecting to Xero is only two clicks away through Setup > Administrations. After authorisation, we will sync your data in the exact same fashion as we do for Exact or Twinfield. Xero is used worldwide (especially in the UK and Australia), and we are happy to increase our support for more businesses.  

More time periods x-axis and ability to reverse sign in charts

It is now possible to adjust your x-axis in charts by more timeframes. We have added a year-to-date option, together with a couple options that look forward. This will allow you to better compare against budgets. Next to that, you can also select the option to reverse the sign on charts, when you want to display costs as positive values.

Drill down on Relations page
We are happy to hear the first positive reactions to the Relations page. You are now able to investigate numbers even further by drilling down to the underlying entries for each customer/supplier per month.

New domain: finstack.io

As mentioned in our previous release notes, we have now completely moved to finstack.io. The tool, website and our email addresses are now available on that domain.


We are actively reaching out to customers to hear more about your needs and ideas. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you feel we can improve on our current offering or add functionality you can not do without! As always, feel free to reach out to sebastiaan [at] finstack.io directly.

What’s next

We have commenced development of IC eliminations and manual adjustments, after fruitful discussions with some of you on the first designs. This is a large and complex feature, so we will need a couple sprints to complete this. In the meantime, we are adding a new ‘stakeholder’ role. These team members are allowed to see tables and dashboards in Reporting, however without the ability to drill down to the underlying mappings and GLAs. Next to that, we are adding a don’t-persist switch for administrations that you have access to, yet do not want to import and sync into Finstack. On the technical side, we are migrating to the new Laravel 10 framework.

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